A Good Impression Counts

Dear Writer

Think about the last time you bought a book from an unknown author. Would you honestly say that the book cover had something to do with the final decision of purchasing – or not purchasing – it?

How about those free ebook classics such as Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or, Puck of Pook’s Hill by Rudyard Kipling, two of many books put together by volunteers but lack a proper cover. Aren’t you disappointed? I know I am, because I know the stories are excellent ones, they deserve wonderful covers!

Doesn’t your book too?

What about the time you last bought something, anything – a new vacuum cleaner, a pair of shoes, a diary, a car…a house. How much of a role had aesthetics to do with you buying it? For example, you bought your car because of the good reputation of the car maker, the size of the engine, the number of seats, the available extras, and so forth – and, of course, the design you found somewhat attractive, didn’t you? You went for the Sporty Red, didn’t you?

Good books are well read. Wonderful, beautiful books are treasured.

Concerning us people, it is well known that during the first few minutes, we unconsciously make a decision – judging on appearance – about a person we have met for the first time. During job interviews it is crucial to put across a professional and neat appearance (unless you’re a musician auditioning for a grunge band). When submitting a manuscript to a potential publisher or an agent, it is essential to produce it error free, looking professional. You may not get a second chance.

If you are truly serious about writing, whether you are going to self-publish or go the usual traditional route with the big publishers…

When you’ve sweat blood and tears…

When you’ve almost broken up your marriage and starved the dog…

When you consider your book your Baby...

Without a doubt, you need the best cover possible for your book. A good impression counts.

A lot.


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